Fotoğrafçı Seçkin Yılmaz

Photographer Seçkin Yılmaz lives and works in İstanbul, producing projects focused on cultural traces, alienation and human rights, as well as social documentaries. Born in Adapazarı in 1966, Yılmaz studied industrial engineering in İstanbul Technical University and took an interest in photography in the late 1990s, during her engineering career. She worked for Anatolian Agency as local correspondent between 2006 and 2012 in Adana, where she had lived for long years. She currently continues reporting on tourism news. Having opened her solo exhibitions, When Light Touches Water (2006), Abkhazia Across the Water (2014) and Great Circassian Migration (2016), Rustic Delusions (in Fotoistanbul 2016), Yılmaz also shot the behind-the-scenes stills for Bossert: On the Trail of Karatepe (2006) for Turkish Radio and Television. Vakıflı-Call for Peace (2004), Cinema Artists Through the Eyes of Photographers (2007), Faces from Cinema (2008) are amongst numerous group exhibitions in which she has participated. She has also contributed to books and photographic exhibition projects of socio-cultural responsibility works, such as From Within With Anatolian Agency (2008), Plus 60 (2009), A White Tale (2010) and Always Sultan (2010).

Rustic Delusions publised in 2016.

Fotoğraf: Omar Özenir    İstanbul |2013